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Christ And The Ten Commandments


Does Jesus Christ Teach and Command the Keeping of God's 10 Commandments and Warns All What the Penalty Is For Not Keeping Them?

Will Jesus Christ Reject Everyone Desiring Eternal Life Who Are Not Keeping and Who resist the teaching of His Ten Commandments?



      The Word of Jesus Christ is clear about the need to keep His 10 commandments and the judgment clearly stated for their transgressions.   Sin is the transgression of God's law and God's law is His 10 commandments, along with its statutes and judgments.Christ inspired Paul to write that the end judgment for sin, the payment for sin, "the wages for sin is death," Rom. 6:23. So if one desires eternal life, Christ warns  you must "Repent or you will Perish." Every person begins his life as a sinner and every person must repent of all of their sins to be accepted by Jesus Christ for eternal life.

     Can any professed believer in Jesus Christ neglect to recognize and choose not to obey all of His 10 spiritual, holy points of His law, His 10 commandments, which teach people how they are to love God and how they are to love their neighbor and brother and still be given eternal life in His Kingdom? Consider Christ's 10 major points of His law, His 10 commandments and what will be His end time judgment for continuing to break them. It is not in the plan of Christ to give anyone eternal life that rejects His love through the keeping of His 10 commandments, which in reality, rejects Him and why He died to cover their sins, sins which are the transgressions of God's law. When one rejects Christ's law, His 10 holy, royal points, he rejects God, the Father, and the Son, Jesus Christ, along with the understanding about God's true love. This person also denies the Holy Spirit that Christ promises to give to him to help him obey God's 10 commandments. This is so that a begotten son can develop and grow in that love.There is no place in God's Kingdom for a person who rejects God's commandments, His way of love, and who does not have and has not grown to have His love in them. 

     Please first consider for a few minutes God's 10 commandments and the judgment for the sins of breaking His commandments of love.

     First: Jesus Christ will reject all in His coming judgment that are committing the sin of idolatry, who are having or worshipping  another god or a false Christ. This sin is committed by putting any god, any false savior, or person, or anything above the only true God, our Creator. This is the sin of breaking  Christ's 1st commandment, which rejects one's love for both the Father and the Son and shows  hostility to them. Jesus Christ of the New Testament says people will be worshipping false christs, Mat. 24:24, and in Rev. 21:8, Christ gives the judgment for the sin of idolatry by saying that " Idolaters and liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and Brimstone -----." 


     Second: Christ will reject all that are making a false idol or a false image of God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and who are worshipping their Power of the Holy Spirit as another God entity of the God head, and who worship all three, as a triad God,  as one individual, existing, distinct God manifested as three. False teachers project all three, in reality of existence through their false teaching,  as just one spiritual body, one distinct God manifesting himself as three different gods, creating  a false image of God, the Father and a false image, or false christ  of Jesus Christ. This is denying the existence of the true Jesus Christ as an distinct member of the God family who came to the earth as His Son in the flesh, and denying the existence of God the Father and making a false image pertaining to both of them, along with a false image of God's power, His Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ speaking of the end time said only the Father would know the day and hour of the coming of the day of Christ. Why would   Christ not know, if they both are the same God? 
     The trinity lie creates a total false image of God (See uour page " The Trinity on Trial are there 2 Gods or Three?". This false imagery of God is created throughout today's false Christianity, along with all the created false images of Jesus Christ in today's Christianity, the Word calls false Christs. This is idolatry and breaks Christ's 2nd commandment. This sin is the transgression of His law and will bring death if one does not repent.Again Christ warns that all "-----idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone." Rev. 21:8


     Third: Jesus Christ will reject all that take God's name in vain. This  sin is the transgression of this third commandment and is being committed by all hypocrites of the Christian faith, who profess His name, but are taking His name in vain. It is because they are not doing His will, by not obeying His commandments. Also, all will be rejected, who accept and teach a false meaning of this 3rd commandment by teaching as supreme importance as to how you pronounce  the names of the Father, and Jesus Christ and how their names must be spoken in the Hebrew language, rather than understanding the true meaning  of this 3rd commandment. The true meaning of this 3rd commandment is about people who are taking their names in vain by professing to know the Father and the Son, but who are not obeying their teachings, His Word, and all of  His commandments,  and are not doing God's will and work as taught in His Word. Ps. 138:2 says, "God has magnified His Word above all His name."

     So all of this false teaching about the importance of name pronunciation in the Hebrew language twists the meaning and breaks Christ's 3rd commandment and will reap the wages of this sin. The hypocrite that is not doing God's will and blasphemes God's name is blaspheming the authority of the Lord,  His Holiness, His Word and all that He through His name and authority represents and has made Holy. This includes cursing His name or is using His name in cursing, or in idle talk by talking irreverent of Him, and of Jesus Christ and all of His Holy commandments including His Holy, 7th Day Sabbath. All of this is sin and  will reap the death sentence, Lev. 24:15-16. Jesus Christ in the New Testament, Mat. 23:13, said,   "Woe unto you hypocrites, for you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men, for you neither go in yourselves, neither permit you them that are desiring to enter to go in."


     Fourth:  God, the Father and His Son, will reject all who reject, who do not keep, and who profane  God's created and established 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday). God created in the beginning the 7th day of the week known today as Saturday, to be a Holy Day and all who will  not "remember  to keep His 7th day Sabbath Holy" by continuing to profane this Holy day in their life will eventually in the end time judgment be put to death , Ex. 31:14-15. God is not a respecter of persons in His judgment for sin. This Sabbath transgression is sin and breaks Christ's 4th commandment. Jesus Christ says "He is the Lord even of the Sabbath," Mat. 12:8. He has authority even over the keeping of the 7th day Sabbath. and God's word says "Jesus Christ the same Yesterday today and forever. Yet in 321 AD it is historical fact that SUNDAY WORSHIP WAS DECREED BY EMPEROR CONSTANTINE  NOT GOD thus swalling many so-called Christians into vain meaningless worship unto Jesus- Matthews 15:9 

"In vain do they worship me
teaching for doctrines the commandments of men"

    Fifth:  Christ will reject all that are not honoring their father and mother, starting first with honoring God, the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. Christ introduced to His followers the true spiritual mother, which is His New Testament Church, led by Christ and all of His Apostles. These spiritual leaders were to lead all of His chosen disciples to feed them with the milk and meat of God's spoken and written Word. This command must continue to be obeyed in one's family with a person honoring his physical father and mother, and to teach their children to also obey this command. If a professing Christian does not honor their creation spiritual parents as well as their physical parents, but have hatred and rebellion against them, they are committing the sin of breaking Christ's 5th commandment which states, you are to"honor your father and mother, that your days may be long on the earth." These commandment transgressors will reap the judgment of death and in some cases very early death of their lives, Lev. 20:9. Christ says in Mat. 15:4 "Honor your Father and Mother: and He that curses Father or Mother, Let him die the death."


    Sixth: Jesus Christ will reject all that are murderers, and who are continuing to murder. This includes anyone murdering their innocent, helpless, defenseless young babies in the womb  of the mother or even having a spirit of unrighteous anger in their heart against their children or against their neighbor, their brother, or against anyone. This is sin and is breaking Christ's 6th commandment.He who kills others will likewise be killed, Lev. 20:17. Jesus Christ says in Mat. 26:52 of the New Testament, "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword."


    Seventh: Christ will reject all that are committing adultery, which is first breaking your covenant with God and secondly, breaking covenant with one's mate in one's  marriage covenant. This involvesunlawful divorces and unlawful remarriages, all fornication, and all other unlawful sexual activity, such as man sexually lying   down with mankind, or sexually lying with beasts, which both are perversions and  abominations before God. Read it in Lev. 18:22-23. All of this is sin and breaks Christ's 7th commandment, and all will be put to death in Christ's coming judgment, Lev. 20:10-13. Jesus Christ took His commandments to a higher level of being obedient to them by stating, "That whosoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart." The judgment for adultery is death. 


    Eighth:  He will reject all that are stealing from their neighbor or brother, who extorts, defrauds, and who withholds anything that first belongs to God, Mal. 3:8-10, like his 10% tithe not a 30% tithe that some church robbers are commanding of its members, or who withholds or steals any possessions, property, inheritance or anything belonging to one's brother and neighbor. This is sin and breaks Christ's 8th commandment and will bring death. Please read God's end time prophecy for all that continue to steal or defraud his brother, Zech. 5:3-4. This is a prophecy that is yet to be fulfilled.


     Ninth:  Christ will reject all that are lying  to his neighbor and brother, whether it is in churches, as in  ministries teaching false information to its members, or in government leadership lying to the people, or any part of society, family relationships, or any businesses where people  are lying, misleading, and speaking false information to each other. This is sin and breaks Christ's 9th commandment and will bring death. These same verses of Zech. 5:3-4 about Christ's coming judgment for such sin applies for lying and swearing falsely in Christ's name. Jesus Christ says that "all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire -----," Rev. 21:8


    Tenth:  Jesus Christ will reject all who are lusting for the unlawful, coveting what is not one's own in all of their life. This is sin and breaks Christ's 10th commandment and rejects Christ as the Lord, Savior and Master of their life.


     The breaking of any one of these 10 commandments is sin and punishable by death. Jesus Christ, the God of the old Testament, I Cor. 10:1-14, is the One who gave God's law, His 10 commandments to Moses for him and the people to keep, teach, and be example priests to all the world, Ex.19:6. He came to the earth in the flesh and died to fulfill the punishment, the penalty for these broken commandments, which are the transgressions of His law, His 10 commandments. However, He did this for only those that will repent of breaking His 10 commandments, all others will perish in His coming judgment. This truth is not accepted, nor is it taught by all the false ministers. They instead teach and give everyone permission to continue in their sins of breaking any one of His 10 commandments after they have personally accepted their church created, false  christ and his false sacrifice. 

       Christ has not and will not accept anyone who will not repent and who will not obey and is determined not to keep His law, His 10 commandments. He does not give anyone permission to create their own laws and commandments, Sabbaths, Holy Days as is the case in today's Christianity where people are deceiving themselves into believing that Christ will accept them through their church's accepted, lawless and iniquitous behaviors. These are people who have created their own Sabbath and holy days to keep and to observe.



     The mindset of believers in today's Satanized Christianity is if Jesus Christ demands that all of His called and chosen believers are to repent and begin a new life of obeying the 10 commandments in order to be accepted by Him for eternal life, then no one would receive forgiveness of their sins and salvation. This is all because today's professing Christian ministers and pastors all across the nation and world have been led to believe and who teach their members that no one can keep the 10 commandments. They have been led to believe and who now teach their members that nowhere in Scripture does Jesus Christ command you to do so.  So some in today's Christianity have begun to ask the question,   "where in the New Testament does Jesus Christ and His Apostles  say or teach anything about the importance of keeping  God's 10 commandments and if He does, how is it possible to continue to do this without sinning by breaking one or more of His commandments every day?" Today's false preachers and pastors teach that it is impossible for a true Christian to live each day without breaking one or more of God's 10 commandments. This is a lie and against God's Scripture.


     This has become  the mindset of much of today's Christianity and so in order to try to justify their false Christian mindset, some have presented this question to this writer as such: Where does Jesus Christ and His apostles in the New Testament teach and command the keeping of God's 10 commandments in order for a believer to be accepted for His Grace, forgiveness, and Eternal life? This question and its mindset is just one example of how massive the deception is that prevails in today's Christian teaching and doctrine. Today's ministers are leading all to believe and follow this deception to their destruction. Jesus Christ has not changed. He still says "Repent or perish" and "the wages of sin is still death."Luke 13:3, Rom. 6:23


     Professed Christians today do not believe that Jesus Christ  teaches the life and death seriousness and importance of keeping His 10 commandments and the consequences for not doing so and so they believe that He did not give His life to cover their sins of commandment breaking. They believe that their sins of breaking His 10 commandments has nothing to do with why Christ gave His life up to such horrible, flesh beating, flesh tearing and body torture, and blood letting stripes cutting deep into His flesh exposing His bones, and bringing about His eventual death by all of this terrible evil brought upon Him through the hands of evil men. 

     Are there verses in the New Testament where Jesus Christ spoke and inspired His apostles to speak and write down Scriptures commanding all people to keep the 10 commandments, in order for Him to accept them for the forgiveness of their sins, by them accepting Christ's payment for their sins? If there is no importance in repentance, followed with the fruit of obedience to keeping the 10 commandments in today's Christian teaching, then all must come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ must have died in vain for man's sins, because the breaking of His 10 commandments is what constitutes sin and is what all churches and its members are still involved in their activity and teaching and fellowship.


     This evil mindset is what causes them to teach the enormous error and deception about Christ's Grace as being a  Grace without any works of repentance and obeying God's 10 commandments. This deception and mindset has totally taken over all Christians' faith and understanding in today's accepted Christianity. This evil mindset dominates the teaching in today's preaching  and  perverts the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many, many people, men and women alike, who are confessing Christians, who have accepted this deception of today's, confessing, Christian ministers that the keeping of the 10 commandments has nothing to do with Grace or why Jesus Christ died and thus they teach that obedience to God's 10 commandments has nothing to do with one being accepted for salvation. 


      The ones primarily responsible for this deception are ministers that have been trained through their great seminaries, all built on a false foundation and a false christ. They have been taught to accept their  respected leaders of their Christian learning institutions  who teach error as truth. They teach that there are no Scriptures in Christ's Holy Word, especially the New Testament, where Jesus Christ and His apostles teach and command the keeping of God's 10 commandments, in order to be accepted for justification and forgiveness of sins. Do you accept this lie, and are you a member of this false Christian mindset? 


    The first thing one must come to understand about himself is this: would I accept the truth about this great deception, if it was shown to me with Scripture proof, or would I reject it? And the reason I would reject it is because I am   afraid  of the change I would have to make in my life, the friends and colleagues that I would lose, and the childlike humility I would have to come to learn and accept  to be converted to this way of life. Would I accept the  Scriptures of Jesus Christ that prove to me the  true teaching and understanding of God's Word pertaining to the keeping of God's perfect spiritual law, His 10 commandments, as that law relates to my life and to my salvation? Every person reading this article and other articles on this web site will answer this question by their action and behavior.


    Paul said in Rom.7:7 "--- Is the law (the 10 commandments) sin? God forbid? Nay (absolutely not) I had not know sin, but by the law: for I had not know lust , except the law (God's 10 commandments) had said,"Thou shalt not covet." Paul is here saying that the 10 commandments are still to be obeyed and is telling himself and all, that breaking those laws, those commandments, is what constitutes sin. "Thou shalt not covet" is the 10th commandment. Professed Christians, due to all the deception today about how one becomes  a true Christian, accept and believe that their obeying the 10 commandments and the breaking of those commandments has nothing to do with their being accepted by Jesus Christ for receiving salvation. Their minister is not telling them that sin is the breaking of God's law, the transgressions of God's 10 commandments and so this has created great  deception, confusion, and false christs.

What Did Jesus Christ Speak and Teach about the 10 commandments?

     The very first words that Jesus Christ spoke and preached when He began His ministry on this earth is found in Matthew 4:17 where He says,"Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand." In other words, Christ said to His disciples, that the opportunity to inherit God's Kingdom was at hand, near them, among them, or standing in front of them, "if they would "Repent and believe the Gospel," Mark 1:15. Christ said this to them to show to them that this is their opportunity, and this opportunity was in their presence, whereas they could be a part of the great Kingdom of God. But did they know what they were to repent of in their lives? Did they know that repentance means that they must change their heart to begin to obey God's 10 commandments?


      Today, Jesus Christ in Spirit is saying to everyone in His presence  that He is the Good News how all sinners can enter God's Kingdom and that He stands at the door of everybody's heart and is knocking, but will people let Him in? They can only let Him in and He will only permit Himself to come in,  if they will repent of their sins and accept Him and all that He represents in His life, death, and resurrection. Christ says this to anyone that will take Him and all of His teachings into their life, and make changes in their life, Rev. 3:9-22.   However, Christ says in these verses  as He stands at the door of one's heart knocking and teaching that everyone must "be zealous and repent and overcome," and accept with understanding "what the Spirit of God is saying to you and to all churches" or He will not come in and be your Savior. 

    Christ is saying you must repent of your sins and overcome your sins and that one's repentance  involves one's heart to change one's life around, to stop breaking God's 10 commandments. Jesus Christ tells all, that if they will do this, that He will come in and accept them and that He will give them power, through His Holy Spirit to move mountains in their lives. Sins in people's lives can be like a mountain that seems too difficult to get over,  or get around, but Christ promises to help you with great power to move your mountain of sin and its evil effects. He will give you help to overcome that sin that  seems impossible and insurmountable to move and to overcome in your present state.


     Did the people at the time of Christ have any idea what they were to repent of in their life? All that they had in the way of Scriptures at that time were the Old Testament writings and throughout the Old Testament, God through the prophets, taught the keeping of His 10 commandments and commanded a repentance that pertains to the sins of breaking His 10 commandments and the change that one must make in one's life to stop transgressing God's Holy and Spiritual 10 commandments. So this is why in the New Testament when the Word speaks of the commandments  it does not say the 10 commandments,  and this was because the people knew what commandments Christ and His Apostles were speaking of and saying 10 each time would be redundant.  


      When Christ and the Apostles spoke of or wrote of the commandment, or the commandments the people generally knew He was speaking of the 10 commandments. Today, professed Christians have been so dumbed down and confused about the law and what are the commandments  of Christ, that this writer continually writes 10 in our articles to eliminate any confusion created by today's professing ministers about what are Christ's commandments He commands all to obey. All of the new commandments that Christ gave pertain to love, and the magnification in  keeping God's 10 commandments, and His commandments  from the beginning of time have always pertained to love, loving God and loving one's neighbor.


       People today have been so dumbed down by today's professing ministers, who preach against God's 10 commandments, and who teach  that Christ on the cross did away with the Law pertaining to the commandments.


This is even in face of plain Scriptures that say the opposite. They totally reject what Christ said in Mat. 5:17, "Think not that I have come to destroy the law ---. " Yet today, professed Christianity think, believe, and accept that Christ came to destroy the law. Christ in this verse is talking about all the law pertaining to the 10 commandments, the law's statutes, and its judgments. And so by this false teaching of today's iniquitous and no-commandment teaching ministers, and church members, they do not even know what commandments Christ and His Apostles are teaching when they speak of commandments in Scripture. And so today, church members and believers do not know what is the true meaning of repentance, nor what is sin, nor what is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and so do not have personal salvation, or know the way to receive eternal life.


     What really is amazing in all the messages and teachings of these false prophets, false preachers in today's Christianity, is the fact that they don't hesitate to interpret the word "ordinances" in Col. 2:14 to mean the 10 commandments. However, the fact is that the word "ordinances" is not meaning the 10 commandments, but the additional laws or ordinances written as judgments against sins and all the laws dealing with the animal sacrifices associated with temporary covering of sin until Christ came and gave His life. God gave Moses additional laws in judgments against the breaking  of the 10 commandments that required animal sacrifices as a temporary justifying of sin, and   were called ordinances. This is what Christ nailed to cross for those who will accept this understanding and work of Christ. The 10 commandments were in no way nailed to the cross, because if they were this would totally defeat the need for Christ as one's Savior. 


     Christ's sacrifice on the cross was not to blot out the 10 commandments, His wonderful commandments that teach love, but to blot out the ordinances given in commands of penalties, punishments, or judgments against sin, that was temporary satisfied through animal sacrifices for the transgressing of the 10 commandments. Jesus Christ did not blot out the 10 commandments for which he was sacrificed, but He did blot out the ordinances given in judgments against the commandments that are transgressed. And even then, they were blotted out only for those that will repent and bear fruit of a heartfelt repentance and accept Him and His sacrifice, otherwise, they are still in force to be fulfilled in a person's life in the final judgment of his life. Today's preachers do not teach the truth about anything in the New Testament pertaining to the Gospel and receiving salvation. What a shame, but nevertheless, it is true and all can prove it if they will study and prove Christ teachings from God's WORD, rather than from man's word.


     Jesus Christ said in John 14:15"If you love me, keep my commandments." Christ's disciples in their days knew exactly what commandments He was referring to, the 10 commandments, but today's preachers and by extension church members, do not know what commandments He was speaking about or else they play extra dumb, plea biblical ignorance, and will not comment on what commandments He was referring to. Yet today, all professed Christians  talk and fellowship about how much they love Jesus Christ. They do not love the true Christ of Scripture, but  a false christ of man's false Christianity, that they have raised up in their church. If you love the true Jesus Christ, you will be keeping His 10 commandments that show love to Him, along with  all His additional commands He gave during  His ministry. Christ's New Testament commands magnify God's commandments and produce the fruit of love based and established on keeping the 10 commandments. Christ teaches in John 14:21, "He that has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is that loves me: and he that loves  me shall be loved of my father and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him."


     A church member cannot love Jesus Christ and still break His 10 commandments that teach us how we are to love Him. Jesus Christ continues to teach in I John 5:2-3, "By this  we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep His commandments. For this is the love of God that we keep His commandments: and His commandment are not grievous." Is the keeping and obeying of God's 10 commandments grievous to you? Now if it is then you still need to repent!

      Jesus Christ asked the religious Jews in His day, as he is asking religious people of today in Mat. 15:3, "Why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?"  Confessing Christians today transgress many of God's 10 commandments through their tradition. This is especially true in their transgressing God's 7th day Sabbath, (Saturday) by all of them keeping man's traditional Sunday as man's created 1st day sabbath, Sunday. Keeping a different day than the day God has commanded is a sin. Keeping the first day of the work week is the tradition and commandment of men. Christ says in verse 9 "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." People worship Christ in vain every Sunday by keeping man's created 1st day sabbath commandment. 


    In Mat. 22:37-40 Christ teaches about the 2  great commandments which are loving God and loving one's neighbor as yourself. Christ said "upon these two great commandments(which  are the composite and broad enlargement of the 10 points of God's 10 commandments, James 2:10-11)hang all the law." Then why do preachers and people preach against Jesus Christ and the 10 commandments? Rom. 8:6-7 gives the answer. It says in verse 6 and 7, "For to be carnally minded is death: but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind (which is the mind  that  all have who do not have God's Spirit) is  enmity (hostile, rebellious) against God: for it is not subject (will not submit) to the   law of God  neither indeed can be, (carnal minds will not  submit to God's 10 commandments)."  Church members who do not have God's Holy Spirit will not obey and will minimize and talk down God's 10 commandments, because of their fleshly carnal mind and their natural hostility against God.


     Church people and members go to church each Sunday and listen to their ministers, or listen to one of the many tele-evangelists. They listen to teachers, who all teach against Christ's 10 commandments,by teaching that obeying His commandments has nothing to do with repentance and preparing a believer to be accepted by Jesus Christ, to be forgiven of their sins and to receive salvation. They refer to and put down commandment keepers as legalists, who as keepers of God's law are accused of being  self righteous. This is a false accusation. This in itself is teaching against God 10 commandments which by extension, makes these same ministers, lawless ministers, workers of iniquity,  which Jesus Christ says He will reject when He comes back. 


     These lawless ministers teach a grace without works, without works of repentance, without works of obedience to God's 10 commandments, and without the works of a faith, based on teachings and promises of Jesus Christ! They teach that the Christian faith is a faith without works, works of keeping the law. James 2:20 teaches "that a faith without works is dead." Jesus Christ will not accept anyone for  forgiveness  of their sins without these fundamental works and basics of God's Word. Jesus Christ says that He will reject them as workers of Iniquity, Mat. 7:23. Iniquity means lawlessness, teachers against God's law, His commandments.


     Here is more of what  Jesus Christ and His apostles actually say and plainly teach by their Word in Scripture, about keeping the 10 commandments, His law and how this obedience to Him and His law pertains to their salvation.


     Jesus Christ, in His beginning messages or sermons, teaches everyone must repent and in Matthew 5:6, Christ teaches "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled," and in verse 10, Christ taught, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for their's is the Kingdom of Heaven." Today's, professing Christian believers, because of all the false teaching in today's dumbing down and lying messages from ministers, do not even know what is righteousness! And this is because they do not even know what is sin and they do not know what is true repentance and how all of this pertains to a true understanding of why Christ died, and to being accepted by Jesus Christ for forgiveness of their sins and salvation! 

   Why is all of this true? It's true because church members do not hear messages from their ministers about righteousness and what is righteousness, about the difference between a sinner and saint, about how a sinner can truly become a saint, and to know and understand how a true saint  is not to be a sinning saint. Today's believers hear and see absolutely nothing from their ministers about where Jesus Christ teaches the keeping of God's 10 commandments to receive forgiveness of their sins, and how their faith must be based on their understanding  of why Jesus Christ died for them. 


     All of this is true in today's confessing Christianity for eyes that can see and understand, and who are not afraid to study God's Word for truth instead of accepting all the lies. The reason they have accepted the lies of today's false Christianty is  because they are so tuned into Satan and his influence through his ministers of "light", who teach that all church members are sinners and who also believe, and are taught to believe, they cannot repent of all their sins pertaining to the breaking of the 10 commandments. So in order for all professing church members to accept this horrendous soul-destroying lie, that the keeping of God's 10 commandments has nothing to do with salvation, these ministers have raised up and exalted false christs all across the land, through a false faith and false spirit, and a false grace. These are false Christs,  false saviors, who will accept them in their sins, and will forgive them without any real change in their behavior. 

    This is all based upon either no repentance or a fake repentance that is not a true, Christian repentance. A true repentance is based upon a change of heart that comes from a sinner that sees the need to stop sinning  and to begin obeying God's 10 commandments even in face of persecution from family, friends, and professing church members. Can you believe that a person would be persecuted for keeping God's 10 commandments? A person will be persecuted because Jesus Christ said you would be persecuted. A repentant person can begin with the test commandment, keeping God's true, 7th day Sabbath and then watch your family's and friends' reactions.


     Today's, professing Christians actually believe their unrepentant sins are automatically forgiven without any real change on their part, that is based on obedience to God's commandments. They believe  that they have been accepted by Jesus Christ by their confessing His Name and their on going sins, their sins of darkness, will not contribute to their death at the judgment. They believe in their minds that they have no sins that will cut them off from salvation, because they have accepted their false christ through their lying leadership who forgives their continuing, unrepentant  sins. They believe that repentance and faith are the same and have the same meaning, which creates a false faith among themselves. John says they are liars and there is no truth in them, and are still in darkness to their sins, and still confess that have no sins that will bring their death, I John 1:5-8. This is the reason Jesus Christ said, "You can know them (these false prophets - preachers) by their fruits." They don't know what is true righteousness, and as a result teach iniquity, lawlessness by teaching there are no commandments that a person has to keep, to be accepted by Jesus Christ for His mercy, His forgiveness of their sins and to receive His grace.


      Read our 2 soul-saving articles, "What Is Righteousness ," and " Fruits of the Spirit, The Seeds of the Law ."


     Jesus Christ says plainly, but it seems no one is listening , or willing, or desires to accept His plain words in Matthew 5;17, "Think not (do not think) that I am come to destroy the law(the 10 commandments is the foundation of all of God's law), or the prophets (the servants of God who taught and made the people mindful of God's law), I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." Fulfill means to keep and carry out, to satisfy the commands and demands of God's law. Jesus Christ did both of fulfilling the law by keeping God's 10 commandments without sin, and also fulfilled the law by satisfying the law's demands that demands the penalty, or the judgment of death for sin, for transgressing God's law. 

   He did this by giving Himself as the perfect sacrifice, without any sin, as God's unblemished sacrifice, for people and their sins. By  these definitions of fulfill, Jesus Christ fulfilled both with His humility and by His total submission, being perfectly obedient to God's law and secondly, by displaying His great love and mercy, by dying for and fulfilling the penalty of the law for sinners, thereby fulfilling all the demands of the law! Christ inspired Paul to write that "Love is the fulfilling of the law, " Romans 13:10. How can anyone bear the fruit of love, a love that comes from fulfilling the law, without obeying God's law - His 10 commandments? They can't, but continue to teach the big lie that they can!


     Jesus Christ went on to say in Matthew 5:18, "Verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." So for every person desiring salvation, inheritance into God's Kingdom,  must fulfill the law, by obeying it and must accept Jesus Christ's death as the substitutionary payment for the penalty of one's present and past sins, or if that person will not fulfill, keep the law, then he will have to pay with his own life, to fulfill the law's penalty for the penalty of his sins, without receiving eternal life!


     Jesus Christ says in Matthew 3:15, in speaking of John the Baptist,"For it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness." This means that John the Baptist, kept God's 10 commandments that his parents taught   to him from the womb and he taught the people to repent and obey God and His law. He introduced baptism as an outward sign of what was to take place in one's heart and to look and accept Christ who came to give His life to satisfy the judgment against a person's past and present sins, against the breaking of God's 10 commandments.


     In Luke 5:32, Christ said,"I come not to call the righteous, (ones who are so proud, righteous in their mind, they cannot see their sins) but sinners  to repentance," to repent of what? Scripture says all have sinned and have been born into this world as a sinner, but those that have been reared up in a church setting believe that they have no sin. That is, that they feel they are good and righteous by their own standards and have accepted their church's raised up, false christ, so they see no need to repent of breaking God's law, His 10 commandments! There is no salvation among these so called good people living by their own standards and their church's standards and are rejecting God's standards, which are defined by His commandments.


     In Matthew 5:19, Jesus Christ teaches that "Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments,  and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven." Is Christ here teaching about only God's 10 commandments? What did he mean by one of the least of God's commandments? What is the least of all the commandments in God's law. One  such  example would be the command that Paul spoke of in I Cor 9:9 where he recited the commandment that says "you shall not muzzle your ox as he treads out the corn." This is a commandment of the law dealing with care of one's farm animals, permitting the ox to eat some of the corn as the animal works to tread out the corn and is to be obeyed if one is a farmer. This commandment is not one of the 10 major points of God's law, His  10 commandments, which pertains to our love to our Great Creator and our love to our fellow neighbor. 


     God's 10 commandments are certainly the greatest responsibility and are to be of much higher degree of importance  than the care and love for one's farm animals, not to leave the lesser commandment undone if you are a farmer. However, Paul even used one's obedience to this least commandment in a way of how a disciple of Christ is to respect, to honor, and to help a true servant of God in doing the work of God. So Christ is saying that even teaching this least commandment should not be left out, but a minister of God and his greater  and more important teaching should be especially directed toward God's all important 10 commandments that show love, honor, and respect to God, the Father, and to His Son, Jesus Christ and to one's neighbor, or brother. A true minister is to teach how breaking any one of these major commandments is a sin that can prevent one from receiving eternal life.


    Did Jesus Christ  teach about the 7th day Sabbath? Jesus Christ says in Luke 6:1-9, "That the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath," and Christ taught in the synagogue on the 7th Day Sabbath. This means that Jesus Christ is also the Master, and the authority of the 7th Day Sabbath . He kept the Sabbath Holy and did not profane His own created 7th Day Sabbath  and set the example of keeping God's Sabbath Day before all the people. God's 4th commandment is to "Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to keep it Holy" that God created in the beginning, Gen. 2:2-3, Ex. 20:8-11, Ex. 31:13-17, and keeping this commandment shows one's love to God his Creator. Jesus Christ is teaching God's 10 commandments by His example of obeying His own 4th commandment,  the 7th day Sabbath that He is also the authority over. Christ gave example after example of how the Sabbath is to be kept, Mat. 12:1-12, Luke 13:14-16, and Luke 14:3-5. Please read all these Scriptures to get a good understanding about Christ's teaching of this commandment pertaining to His created 7th day Sabbath.


     Jesus Christ gives example after example in the New Testament of the need for people desiring eternal life, to keep God's 10 commandments.


     In Matthew 5:21, Christ quotes the 6th commandment,"You shall not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:"  and He went on to magnify this sixth commandment by teaching "That whosoever is angry with his brother without a (righteous) cause shall be in danger of the judgment---."  Is Jesus Christ here holding up the 10 commandments as the standards of God by Him magnifying God's commandments and teaching that people will be judged by these commandments in the judgment? He most absolutely is and yet this nation and other nations are murdering its young by the millions. This so called "Christian nation" is or is becoming the domestic murder capitol of the world. All of this murdering of our young babies, along with all other domestic violence, murdering of mankind through unjustified wars, and all other lawlessness such as fornication, adultery, same sex activity, is by permission of most,  professing, Christian ministers, churches and created government laws. And all of this is without people even questioning what commandment they are breaking and what will be the judgment of Christ upon all of this terrible lawlessness and wickedness by His coming judgment upon the earth.


      Why is all of this  terrible wickedness being accepted and covered over? It is because  in the minds of people, todays' false ministers have preached that all Christians are still sinners and all will continue to be sinners, and so through this satanic teaching, these ministers are taking away the life and death importance of keeping all of God's commandments. These wicked ministers have made void  Christ's teaching and judgment against breaking any and all of God's 10 commandments by accepting a raised up false Christ, a false savior image of Jesus Christ, who is a false Christ of no law or no commandments. They accept and confess the name of this false christ and are taking Jesus Christ's name in vain.   So through this false worship, today's Christians have come to believe that no one needs to keep God's laws, His 10 commandments, to be accepted for Christ's forgiveness and grace and to receive salvation. This is a horrible, deceiving lie that is preached by Satan's ministers of light, Il Cor. 11:13-14, and accepted in today's Christianity. What a shame!


      In Matthew 5:27, the Lord Jesus Christ taught the need to keep the 10 commandments, by quoting the 7th commandment,"You shall not commit adultery," and He also magnified this commandment by warning that whosoever even looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. Christ went on teach and say, "That whosoever shall put away his wife, except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery, (causing her to think she is free to marry) and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced commits adultery." This is the command of the true Jesus Christ and not the command and teaching of all the iniquitous ministers of their false christs, their false saviors that permit this sin. These false christs are false images  raised up and worshipped by today's ministers and church members. Confessing church members today believe they can continue in their sin of adultery, without Christ's judgment coming upon them, and being cast into hell. They are in for a great disappointment at the judgment, a time Christ referred to as the time of weeping and gnashing of teeth, Mat. 8:12.


      These commands and teachings of Jesus Christ greatly magnify the keeping of God's 10 commandments, and in order to be accepted by Him for His mercy and forgiveness of sin, one needs to repent of all sins.   Paul says  in Rom 2:13, "For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law (keepers of God's commandments) shall be justified." It is not the doing or keeping of the law that justifies one's sins, Romans 3:20, 28, only Christ's death can do that, but in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ for one's forgiveness  and justification of one's sins, as it says in Romans 2:13,  a sinner must repent and bear fruit of repentance, by becoming a doer of the law. This is the only way a sinner can become righteous, be forgiven of his sins and be accepted for eternal life. 


     The Creator God, Jesus Christ, who became the first born Son of the Father, commands all to bear good fruit, through His Holy Spirit, which is the fruit that is produced through   understanding and keeping the 10 commandments of God, which produces all the fruit of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance, Galations 5:22-23. "Love is the fulfilling of the law," Romans 13:10. Christ says He will cast away the workers of iniquity by saying "depart from me you that work iniquity." Iniquity means lawlessness, and is the teaching by today's false ministers, that teach one needs not to keep the commandments, that no law keeping is needed  to be accepted by their Christ. These false leaders do not recognize that the true Jesus Christ will reject all confessing believers that will not keep His 10 commandments and are teaching against these major points of His law. These false prophets, evangelists, and ministers will not even be in God's Kingdom, much less being called the least in God's Kingdom, Mat.5:19, because they are not only teaching against the least of God's commandments, they are teaching against all of the major, the greatest of God's commandments, His 10 commandments.


      The true Jesus Christ of Scripture says,"Whosoever breaks one of these least commandments and teach men so, he shall be called  the least in the Kingdom, but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the Kingdom." Now who is it who will be called great in the Kingdom? It will be the servant of Christ that is obeying and teaching the importance of keeping God's 10 commandments, and that all of His law needs to be obeyed to be accepted to receive eternal life. The evil servants of Satan are teaching that one does not have to keep God's Sabbath and all the commandments to be accepted by Christ and who teach that all of God's commandments are of no importance in receiving salvation. These evil servants will not so much as even be in  God's Kingdom, much less being called the least in God's Kingdom! 


    The infamous Pharisees, who professed to keep God's commandments, and who most of today's Christian leaders believe that they did, but are again  in error in their teaching. The truth is that Christ said they did not keep God's law, John 7:19, Mat. 15:3, and will not be in God's Kingdom and will not escape the damnation of hell, Matthew 5:20, and Matthew 23:23. How can today's, professing Christians, who do not keep God's created, 7th day Sabbath commandment, or all the rest of  His 10 commandments, and who even preach and teach against God's law, escape the same fate that Christ warned would come against the Pharisees, the damnation of hell? They and their ministers will receive the same judgment and damnation, or Christ will be a respecter of persons in the administering of His judgment against their willful sins, the breaking of His commandments.


     A certain rich, young ruler came up to Christ and asked of Him,"What good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?" Matthew 19:16-23. Here in these verses, Jesus Christ is plainly and clearly  teaching that keeping the 10 commandments of God is necessary to enter into eternal life. Study these Scriptures with the understanding and wisdom Jesus Christ is giving to all.


     Christ here in these verses is answering a man how he can enter into eternal life,"If you will enter into life, keep the commandments," and He was speaking of the 10 commandments, because He gives examples of some of the 10 commandments, which showed love to one's neighbor, to identify which commandments He was speaking about. The man said he kept these commandments. Christ then tested the rich man to see if he was keeping the first of those 10 commandments, which Christ did not specifically name about loving God and putting God first in his life, by asking if he could give up his life of putting first the pursuing of wealth, which is the way of the flesh. The man said  that he could not do that and in reality, could not keep the first of the commandments that showed love to God, and commanded the putting of  God first in his life and so went away sorrowful, because he could not put God, and the following of Jesus Christ first, before the desires of his wealth and his flesh.


    This man was in fact committing idolatry, breaking the first of the commandments and so would not receive eternal life. Christ used this example of how difficult it is for a person who is putting money and his desire for wealth first in His life, to be able to repent and receive forgiveness of his sins to be accepted for eternal life. Today's professed Christians cannot and choose not to understand that Christ was teaching all of the 10 commandments here in these verses and that all must be obeyed to be accepted by Christ to receive forgiveness of ones' sins, to receive His Grace and  to receive eternal life. 


     Jesus Christ in His teaching about His 10 commandments, says the first and great commandment is,   "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and will all your mind," Mat. 22:37-38. This means putting God and His commandments before any other desires of the heart, the mind and the pursuits of the flesh. Keeping the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th commandments, and even the 5th commandment, all show and prove a person's heart, if it is truly filled with love to God by not worshipping an idol, by not putting anything before God, by not making a graven image, or creating a spiritual false image of Him, or of Christ, and by not taking His Name in vain, and not forgetting to remember to keep Holy His commanded 7th day Sabbath, and all of this to help one to remember to give God, the Father,  and His Son the love, the honor, the praise and worship that They Both so mightily deserve.


      In Matthew 22:39-40, Christ continues His teaching  to exalt and to put His 10 commandments at the highest level of importance, in proving our love to God, by saying that the second great commandment is like unto it (the first great commandment),  "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." In verse 40 He then says, "On these two commandments hangs all the law and the prophets." This means the 10 commandments and all of the rest of God's law hang from, give great detail and specifics of these 2 great commandments. The prophets of the Old Testament are the servants of God who magnified, gave detail, understanding and   importance of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding how one is to keep the 10 commandments, and thus, the 2 great commandments. 


     This teaching of Jesus Christ about His 10 commandments is a far cry from today's, false prophets and ministers and all of their false teaching, who confuse, distort, and reject the knowledge, the meaning and understanding of God's 10 commandments. They teach against the importance of keeping His commandments, in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ, for the justification of one's sins and to develop and grow in the love of God. Today's false preachers never bring up, that Jesus Christ gave His life in death because people have broken His 10 commandments, which is sin. "Sin is the transgression of God's law," I John 3:4. All they ever preach is Christ died for our sins, never saying what sins He died for and never defining sin. The movie,  The Passion Of Christ was an example of this, not showing why all the suffering and death of Christ, and so was made in vain without this knowledge. It only created an emotional period or experience, without answers to the viewer as to why the Passion of Christ and so the movie died a fruitless death like all other religious movies and religious exercises of today's, false Christianity. 


      Today's false prophets, who call themselves Christ's ministers, try with all of their heart and teaching to separate the 2 great commandments from the 10 commandments. By their teaching they reason they don't have to teach the 10 commandments and be specific about sin. However, in John 14:15, Christ said, "If you love Me, keep My commandments," and He was speaking about all of the 10 commandments. In John 13:34, "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another." How can people love one another without obeying the 10 commandments? How can people love and honor God without obeying  the 10 commandments? They can't, but they still go around telling people how much they "love the Lord." It is just a big lie they created in their self deception. Christ says in Rev. 21:8 "-----all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."


    Thisis a coming fiery deathforallliars, along with all of the fearful (those afraid to stand up for righteousness) and the unbelieving (those who will not study what is the truth from God's Word, but continue to accept religious deception). This earth cleansing fire will be for  the abominable (people of wicked, lawless and unclean lives) and murderers (killers of people) and the whore mongers (men or women fornicators), and sorcerers (drug users, pushers, and sellers), and idolaters (false christ and false god worshippers). Rev. 21:8.


    When Christ said,"If you love Me, keep My commandments," He was referring to the 10 commandments, which teach love to Christ and the Father, as well as loving one's neighbor and brethren. And when Christ said, "A new commandment I give you to love one another as Christ loves us," this is the fullest extension and magnification of the 10 commandments and all of His law, that teaches love to God, love to one's neighbor and the brethren, and to love them as one even loves himself. Christ gave us the example of how He loves us, and how we are to love each other.


      Paul reinforces this understanding about God's love in Romans 13:8-10, where he says "He that loves another has fulfilled the law." Paul then explains his statement by quoting the last 5 commandments in verse 9, and then said if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely "you shall love your neighbor as yourself"  Paul here is quoting from the Old Testament in Lev. 19:18. Paul once again says in v. 10, that "Love is the fulfilling of the law."


      It is equally true, that if you really love God, you will fulfill the first 5 commandments. Loving God and Christ is the fulfilling of the law.  His first 5 commandments teach a disciple of Christ how one is to love God by always putting Him first in all of one's life. You will not make a graven idol or any image of Him to worship. You will not take His name in vain worship, as it is done in all of today's, accepted Christianity. You will always remember to keep His commanded, holy time each week, the 7th Day Sabbath, not what day is accepted in man's false Christianity. You will always honor Him as your true, spiritual Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and you will honor His chosen church as spelled out in writings of the New Testament, with its true, inspired leaders as one's true church and spiritual mother. 


   Paul says "flee idolatry," I Corinthians 10:14, and that "covetousness is idolatry," Col. 3:5. Paul warns if any  confessing Christian is committing idolatry, he will not inherit God's Kingdom, I Cor. 6:9-10.


   The Scriptures are clear that the 10 commandments teach against idolatry and are to be kept if one desires to be accepted into God's Kingdom. 


   The writer of Hebrews gives believers understanding about obeying the 10 commandments as they pertain to the New Covenant. The writer in Hebrews 8:6-13, explains about the Old Covenant, given in Exodus 19:5-8, and Exodus 20:1-17, which was about physical blessings for keeping God's 10 commandments, but the fault with the Old covenant was not with God and His laws, but with the people of Israel and Judah, not being able to keep the Old Covenant, that is, they were not able without God's Spirit to keep the 10 commandments. This was because they did not have  God's Holy Spirit to help them, nor did they see the need of God and His Spirit in their life, to direct their life. This is much like it is today with professed Christians not having a heart to obey, by not seeing the need of God's Spirit, nor will they do what they need to do to receive God's Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, God's Holy Spirit is needed and is all important to write the new covenant, God's 10 commandments,  in a Christian's heart, and his mind, Hebrews 8:8-10, to become a truly, converted Christian, to be accepted for eternal life.


     Now if the New Covenant is about writing the 10 commandments, statutes and judgments into the mind and heart of a true Christian's life, why in this world would any minister, teacher or person teach against keeping God's 10 commandments? And why would they then go around saying that Jesus Christ and His apostles did not teach the keeping of God's 10 commandments, in order to  be accepted by Christ and to enter into the New Covenant with Him?  The main problem with these ministers and  people are, they will not give up their life, its fleshly desires, its unlawful, fleshly pursuits, to accept and begin to live a new life in Jesus Christ. God in Romans 8:6-8 tells us, "To be carnally minded, which is a mind after the flesh, is death: but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." Verse 7 says, "Because the carnal mind is enmity (hostile) against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." Verse 8 goes on to say. "So they that are in the flesh (living by the flesh and all of the pursuits of the flesh) cannot please God."





    Did the apostles of Jesus Christ teach and command the keeping of the 10 commandments in order for a believer to be accepted by Christ to be saved?


    Peter teaches that people need to repent of their sins and be converted that your sins may be forgiven and be blotted out. Peter teaches that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to turn everyone from their iniquities, which is lawlessness. Lawlessness is not being mindful of God's laws, His 10 commandments, and means one not keeping the commandments, Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19, 26. Sins are the transgression of God's law and the 10 commandments are the 10 major points of all God's law, James 2;10. Peter and the other apostles taught that, "We ought to obey God rather than men." When a man obeys God, he submits to obeying His 10 commandments. Peter continues in his teaching of God's commandments, by writing that "God has given His Holy Spirit to them that obey Him," Acts 5:29, 32. Even Steven, the martyr, taught  keeping the law by telling the high priest and the religious Jews who stoned him to death, "that they did not keep the law," Acts 7:53.


   Peter tells all believers  to repent of their sins and "they are to be Holy in all of their conduct," I Peter 1:15. Peter says II Peter 3:14  "Be diligent that you may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless (without sin, not breaking   any of God's 10 commandments). Believers are to be found in Christ without spot and blameless, without sin, not continuing in their sins. How can any believer be Holy, without spot and blameless, continuing to transgress God's 10 commandments and even teaching against the keeping of God's 10 commandments?


   James teaches God's 10 commandments by instructing to all in James 2:10-11, "For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend (sin) in one point (one commandment) he is guilty of all." James continues in verse 11 to say, "If you are keeping one of the 10 commandments, and yet  break another one of them, you are a  transgressor of the law." James continues to teach , "How  by works a man is justified, and not by faith only," James 2:24.


   John taught much about the importance of keeping God's 10 commandments. John teaches in I John 2:4, "He that says, I know Him (Christ) and keeps not His (10) commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him." This is a serious indictment against all professing Christians that don't keep God's 10 commandments and who actually teach against God's 10 commandments. John continues to teach, "Hereby we do know that we know Him (Christ) if we keep His commandments," I John 2:3. Very, very few confessing Christians really knows the real Jesus Christ of Scripture!


      John makes Christ's Word very plain by his inspired writing to teach all "that sin is the transgression of the law," meaning the 10 commandments, I John 3:4, and "He that commits sin is of the devil," I John 3:8. He that breaks God's 10 commandments is of the devil. John teaches the 10 commandments also by writing that our prayers are answered, "Because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight," I John 3:22. Also John teaches in I John 5:3, "For this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous."  God's 10 commandments are grievous to today's professing Christians, but they should not be, because they are of love, about love, and given to us by God's love for us!


   Jesus Christ wrote through John in Rev. 22:14, "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs and sorcerers, and whoremongers. and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loves and makes a lie." Outside of the gates of the city are the continuing sinners, the continuing commandment transgressors, the lawless ones who preach you can continue to sin and still enter that great city.


      Nearly all in today's, accepted Christianity transgresses God's 4th commandment. This is  sin and will reap death. In Matthew 12:3-12, Jesus Christ says in verse 8,  that "He Is The Lord Of The Sabbath." He did not say He was Lord of a first day, Sunday, which is a work day of the week, to do man's work. He did not teach how the first day of the week was to be kept holy, but He did teach how the Seventh Day of the week, the Sabbath, which He created in the very beginning, was to be kept and what good  could be done on the Seventh Day, in verses 3-5 and verses 11-12. Christ was reaffirming in these verses that the 7th day is the Sabbath, to be accepted as the true Sabbath, to be kept holy, to honor and worship God.


     When Jesus Christ said in verse 8 "He is the Lord also of the Sabbath Day," this means He has power and authority over this day and over people rejecting this day. He is the One, along with the Father, that are to be praised, respected, honored and greatly exalted in the minds and hearts of the people on this special, set aside, Holy Day of the week. This is the 4th commandment of His 10 commandments and is to be kept and Christ set the example of doing so in His ministry. Christ-professing people of todays's accepted Christianity treat the 7th Day Sabbath commandment as the least and most forgotten of all the commandments, and in most of their minds, this commandment  has been  done away in favor of a Satan inspired and minister taught 1st day of the week. The 4th commandment  is one of the major 10 points of God's law and not a least commandment! Anyone continuing to break and profane this 4th commandment, or any other commandment will not enter that Great City of God. 

      How can anyone, except false prophets, false teachers, and false pastors, teach and preach that Jesus Christ does not teach the keeping of the 10 commandments in the New Testament in order to be accepted by Him for His Grace and who also teach, that there is not a  judgment coming upon all confessing Christians transgressing His 10 commandments?
Christ is teaching that everyone must " repent of breaking His 10 commandments or you will perish," and no one without this understanding will be accepted by Him for salvation to inherit eternal life in His Kingdom.


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