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    All religions that observe Sunday--the first day of the week as the Sabbath, rather than God's commanded, seventh day, Sabbath (Saturday), are committing to a great heresy,Deceiption and rebellion to Christ, the Great Lawgiver. Jesus Christ created the Sabbath in the beginning as a day of rest, and as a blessing to man. Christ later wrote it in stone, that His Sabbath was to be His 4th commandment. Moses, and the nation of Israel were to be witnesses and a testimony to the world, of remembering to keep His Sabbath Day holy. Later in the New Covenant, the Sabbath was to be  written in the heart of man, as one of God's commandments and part of His law, Heb. 10:16. What will be the fate of those people who teach the heresy of a 1st day Sunday--Sabbath, or  the honoring of any day as the Sabbath other than the seventh? The apostle Paul says in Galations 5:20-21, "If anyone commits heresy(believes, follows and establishes a lie or false teaching as doctrine against Christ's teaching or commandment) that person will not inherit the Kingdom of God."In fact, Paul puts the sin of heresy on the same level as adultery, lasciviousness, idolatry, hatred (murder) and seditions (divisions) and such like sins.

       This heresy  of Sunday, sabbath keeping is following, believing and spreading a lie contrary to God's Word, and is breaking the 4th commandment. Man's keeping of  Sunday, the 1st day of the week, and believed to be the Sabbath of the New Testament by today's Christianity, is a damnable (destructive) heresy. It is not the truth of the Bible, but a commandment of men. It is false teaching, disobedience and dishonor to God, and shows rebellion to God and His Word, His 4th commandment, Exodus 20:8, Deut. 5;12, and II Peter 2:1-2. No one can produce one Scripture from the New Testament writings that changes the Sabbath from the 7th day, to a 1st day observance and commandment. No one can produce one Scripture from Christ or His apostles abolishing or doing away with the commandment--to remember the Sabbath (7th day) to keep it Holy."Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law, till all be fulfilled," Mat. 5:18. The Sabbath, its purpose, its prophetic fulfillment, has not been fulfilled and  has not passed from the law, so it is yet to be kept. Failure to obey this commandment spells death!

          Heresy is any belief opposed to the beliefs and teachings of Jesus Christ, and His Word. Is Jesus Christ Lord of the 1st work day (Sunday), or the 7th rest day (Saturday)? Christ very plainly says He is Lord of the Sabbath in three different places, Mark 2:28, Matthew 12:8 and Luke 6:8, and the Bible makes plain His Sabbath is the seventh day (Gen 2:2). The word Sabbath, regarding the weekly Sabbath, is always referring to the 7th day, not the first day, because Sabbath means  rest or day of rest from work, and God commanded the seventh day to be the day of rest for man, not the first day. Nowhere in all the New Testament does Christ say He is Lord of the first work day (Sunday) for rest, but He does say He is Lord of the Sabbath, Mark 2:27-28. Jesus Christ of the Bible, not the false christ of churches, says the Sabbath was made for man-all mankind, not just the Jew. There was not a Jew around when God first created and set aside the seventh day, Gen.2:2-3. God did not make one law for the Jew, and another one for Gentiles. That is confusion and deception, which Satan is the author, and he has his many ministers, following and teaching this confusion, deception and great heresy, II Cor. 11:13-15. Man's observance of the 1st day as the sabbath is man's fruit, of his eating from the forbidden tree, that God commanded man not to eat from -the tree of good and evil, Gen. 3:3.

          Jesus Christ said a person must become as a little child to be converted, Mat. 18:3. Sunday keeping, dooms, professed Christians, who profess conversion, are not child enough, humble enough, to admit they have been deceived in accepting the first day, Sunday-heresy lie, and are still openly breaking God's true Sabbath (Saturday), the seventh day every week. They are still an open flagrant sinner, just as much as is a murderer or thief. Jesus Christ shed His blood for all of the commandments that man breaks, not just 5 or 6 or 7 or 9 of them. James 2:10-11 says, "If you are presently breaking one of His Ten Commandments, you are breaking them all." Why? Because all of The Ten Commandments are a complete law in honoring and loving God the Father, and Jesus Christ, and still binding on all to obey. When one  commandment is broken, our love relationship, our reverence, our respect and honor of  them is lost, and is broken, creating a breach in our communication,  and covenant with them. Study Isa.58:12-14.

            Remembering the Sabbath, 7th day, to keep it holy, by resting from our work, and refraining from doing our thing, pleasure or sports, is a direct command of God, Deut. 5:12-14 and Isa. 58:13. This command is for Gentile and Jew alike, for everyone who wants to be a part of the inheritance (salvation) of Abraham, Galations 3:29. Openly transgressing the 4th commandment  and teaching another sabbath, puts a person in violation of God's commandments, in opposition to God and separated from God. This person is unacceptable for the justifying sacrifice of Christ, and the receiving of Christ, and His Holy Spirit. Christ's Holy Spirit will not be given to live and abide in a commandment-breaking, presumptuous, unrepentant person, Acts 5:32 and Hebrews 5:9.

         The law, given in His judgments against breaking any of God's Ten Commandments, has priority-claim over man's life when His commandments are transgressed. No amount of accepting Christ and His sacrifice releases one from that broken commandment, and claim unless one first repents, and that means to stop breaking God's commandments-all of them. There is a terrible, false teaching  today that is preached and refered to as Christ's grace, but it is a false grace that is accepted in today's professed Christianity, that anyone can still be received into God's Kingdom, and still live in sins such as adultery, homosexuality and fornication, Sabbath breaking and any other such sins. This false grace is another abominable heresy, and will cause anyone following it to be cut off from Christ, and  be unacceptable to be received by Him. This applies for all of God's Ten Commandments that are disobeyed and are openly broken, Galations 5:19-21 and I Corinthians 6:9-10.

        The Ten Commandments will be the standard of conduct that everyone will be taught to live, with the help of God's Spirit, in tomorrow's Millennial society, when Christ comes back to rule all nations for 1,000 years, with His saints.Everyone resisting this truth now as a professed Christian, will not be a part of that world-ruling Kingdom of Christ, or be in the resurrection of the saints, Revelation 3:19-22. God's Ten Commandments, with their defining statutes, is His law and will be the standard for the execution of the Christ's judgments against their transgression when He returns, as the coming King and Judge. Anyone who is presently and openly breaking His Sabbath, the 7th day Sabbath commandment, will not be in God's Kingdom, even though that person has accepted Christ with their mouth, and has bodily been baptized by water. Breaking the 4th commandment (like the other commandments), is not loving God The Father, and Jesus Christ. It is disobedience to Their will. Your prayers will not be answered, your crying out for help in afflictions, trials, suffering and sicknesses will not be heard. God says, "Your continual, open sinning cuts you off from Him," Isa. 59:2, Matthew 7:21-23.  

        A majority of professed believers, believing and following a heresy such as Sunday-sabbath keeping, does not change God's commandments, nor does it supersede God's law. No one, no church, or even  a  "professed evangelist," will be above God's law and Sabbath commandment, or any commandment, and it makes no difference whoever, and how important he thinks he is when Christ's judgment day comes, his judgment will be fulfilled. It does not make any difference how many churches are following this great 1st day heresy, it is still against God's true, 7th day Sabbath commandment, and they are all in error and conflict with God's law, and will have to suffer the consequences, the wages of sin is death, Revelation 12:9 and Romans 6:23. "Good," sincere, but deceived people, will still have to pay the penalty for sin of Sabbath transgression. A person's so called "good" will not out weigh the bad of his life to justify his sins. Only repentance based on the breaking of Christ's commandments, and acceptance of His blood sacrifice will justify one's sins.

         If God had given permission to anyone to change any one of His Ten Commandments, His royal law, then any one of the other nine commandments could be changed also. God has nowhere in all His Word disallowed, made void, done away, abolished, or in any way changed any one of His Ten Commandments.Whoever  thinks He has and acts so, is completely deceived, acting presumptuously, and will have to pay with his life, unless he repents, obeys, and asks for Christ's grace and mercy upon himself, Matthew 5:17-19.

          Sunday observance is a great, Satanic, heresy that professed Christians follow, and all that follow it will suffer the death penalty . Satan knows God's laws, judgments and God's way of righteousness. As long as anyone is presently and openly breaking this 4th commandment, God's 7th day Sabbath, or any other commandment, he is following Satan and his teaching, and is an unrepentant sinner, deserving the death penalty and will not receive eternal life. Satan knows any sinner will not inherit sonship with Christ that is breaking any one of the Ten Commandments, but will receive the same fate as he will receive, Ezek. 28:14-19. It seems misery and destruction loves company!

         False preachers and teachers are skilled in deception, and will twist and delete Scriptures, in order to try to disqualify this article of truth. Your only recourse is to study individually your Bible on this vital issue, and prove it to yourself, II Timothy 2:15 and 3:15.  Accept the challenge, and  see if you can find one Scripture in the New Testament that  you can produce to prove that Christ's 4th commandment, to remember the Sabbath-7th day and  to keep it holy, has been abolished or done away. NO, NOT ONE SCRIPTURE can be produced, but you prove it to yourself! Your life weighs in the balance if you are breaking God's 4th commandment.

         An additional point to consider regarding God's true Sabbath day is this--remembering the Sabbath (7th Day, Saturday) is so important, that Christ in His prophecy for the last days urge true Christians to pray that their flight to safety would not take place in the winter or on God's Sabbath, 7th day, Matthew 24:20? Why? Because of the burden the  winter elements would put on the saint's body at that season  for fleeing, and the burden of fleeing on the day of rest (the Sabbath), the burden that would be put on the spirit in man on that day, and notice that Christ did not mention the first day (Sunday) but the only true Sabbath Day, the 7th day, Saturday. God also said that when the new heavens and the new earth is made, at the end of man's and Satan's rule, that all flesh, all mankind will observe God's new moon calendar and Sabbaths, Isa. 66:22-23.Why? Because His truth and His commandments will be completely restored and cover the earth.

          The whole religious world is deceived about the life and death seriousness of obeying God's Ten Commandments. They have not remembered His true Sabbath Day, and instead have accepted hook, line and sinker the great, Sunday heresy, and everyone who does follow this lie and will not repent, will have to pay with his own life. Christ's sacrifice does not cover this open, unrepentant sin, Revelation 22:14, 15, and 18. God is absolutely correct when He said "Satan has the whole world deceived." Read it in Rev. 12:9. Are you still deceived????

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