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  The reason for the season is the deceiving, lying, spirit of Christmas and that spirit emanates as truth from Satan the devil, the father of all deception and lying, John 8:44, Eph. 2:2.



God's Word says 
"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try (or test) the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false preachers have gone out into the world,"  I John 4:1. Satan impersonates himself as the "christ of Christmas," with an emanating, lying, spirit, and this is what people are really acknowledging and worshipping at Christmas.































This merry-making, lying, spirit originated from past, pagan, idolatrous "sun worship." It's celebrations today continues to be set in the same sun-worship, idolatrous customs, but with the additional lie that Christmas is the time of Christ's unknown birthday, which preachers teach "christianizes" this unholy, pagan day. Instead of churches speaking out against this lying spirit, they promote this spirit in it's idolatrous setting, by depicting scenes and church plays of more erroneous facts concerning Christ's unknown birthday. Churches prostitute themselves with Satan's society,  join in with this friendship of the world, and become willing tools of Satan in fabricating this lie and illusion at Christmas. Study these scriptures to help prove to you these statements, James 4:4,  Rev. 22:15, Eph. 6:12, Eph. 2:2-3.



       Is this lying spirit of Christmas a good, wholesome, and clean spirit to get and have at this season?  Does the child pleasing, gift giving, merry-making pleasure of getting this spirit justify the means to support lies in the name of Christ?



The whole Christmas season puts down, belittles, makes light of all that the real Jesus Christ of the Bible stands for. The lying spirit of Christmas does not bear the fruit of God's Holy Spirit, but produces a way that seems good and right, but will produce death, not life, Pro. 14:12. Why? Because it teaches lying and idolatry, and these are sins Christ's sacrifice will not justify and cover unless they are confessed and repented with a heart that desires to change to obedience of God's commandments.   Christ's grace was not given to be that amazing, to over look His law, to forgive sins without confession and repentance! The fruit of God's Spirit is love, which is the keeping of God's Ten Commandments, not the breaking of them, I John 5:3. Out of the six things God says He hates in Proverbs 6:16-19, three of them are  about deception and lying and are involved with Christmas!


       This lying spirit of Christmas is the mind, power and influence of Satan, Eph. 2:2, centered around the lie of a Santa Claus idol, bringing gifts to children on Christmas eve night. This God-hated lie of deception and betrayal is what parents and society puts on children and teaches as truth every Christmas, and is encouraged by "churches", II Cor. 11:13-15. WHAT A TRAVESTY! PAY UP DAY FOR SINS IS VERY SOON! Does the Holy Spirit of God teach deception, lies and betrayal,  to open minded, humble, naive, small children? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But what  is it that does teach these things,  is the mind, power and influence of Satan, the father of all lying, John 8:44, Acts 13:10. God says in Rev. 21:8, "All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire." God's Word also says, "He who loves to make a lie (getting the lying spirit of Christmas), will not be in that eternal City of God," Rev. 22:14-15. People even after experiencing The Great Tribulation-the Day of the Lord, will continue their merry making and gift exchanging in celebration of the death of God's spirit-filled prophets, at the end of their 3 1/2 years preaching, Rev. 11:9-12.

       The lying spirit of Christmas produces not joy, but a drugging effect and a yoke of bondage on people. The lying Christmas spirit produces a Satan induced, high, emotional feeling, like drugs and alcohol, and after the high feeling wears off, then there is the day after. It produces, like all of Satan's deceptions, depression, not joy, futility, not success, debt and ill health, not prosperity and good health, III John 2-4. The joy of God comes from obeying God's Ten Commandments, not following a pagan idolatrous custom that leads man to break God's commandments, John 15:10-11. Satan, the father of lust and lying, John 8:44, causes all the glitter--Christmas lights, Santa Claus, tree decorations and gift buying, to accomplish his purpose of keeping man in darkness to his sins of lying, lusting, idolatry, and breaking all of God's commandments, II Cor. 4:4, Eph.. 2:2,  and away from the light of Jesus Christ.

      When the evil of Christmas and exposing the lying spirit of Christmas is preached, Satan's loyalist, his ministers, have many justifying arguments, one of which is, "what about all the love of gift giving to children, charities, and feeding the homeless?"  Surely all of this justifies these sins of lying, idolatry, and taking God's name in vain in celebrating this unholy Christmas celebration! First of all, man does not know what is real love and thinks his definition of love will justify the breaking of God's  10 commandments. Only God, through His Word, can define real Godly love. God in John 15:10 and I John 5:2-3, plainly says, "His love is the keeping of His Ten Commandments, and   we know that we love God's children when we love God and keep His Ten Commandments." Secondly, only Christ's sacrifice can justify lying and idolatry, and that is based on man's repentance to obey. Justification of sin is not by man's works of giving of his money, time, and sacrifice and his "love". Thirdly, God says in I Cor. 13:3, that a person can give all he has to his family, to the poor and homeless, to charities, and even give his life also, and still not have God's love. One other thing about this righteousness of Christmas that they display,  is that most of the time it is done to seen by others, which is sin. God says our righteousness is nothing but a bunch of filthy rags, meaning our righteousness  is dead works without Christ and His sacrifice and our repenting of breaking His law-His  Ten Commandments,  and is without any value and worth in one's life, and will not be  received into God's Kingdom.

       Satan, in the very beginning told man he would not die if he partook of the forbidden fruit, that was pleasing to his eyes and much to be desired, Gen. 3:4-6, Pro. 14:12.  But God said, if you live by Satan's suggestions instead of what He Commanded, it would reap sure death unless there is repentance, and man takes of the tree of life, Gen. 3:22, Rev. 22:14-15. The lying spirit of Christmas produces a burden and a yoke and the only way it can be lifted is by the conditions laid out by the True Christ, not the "antinomian christ of Christmas," Acts 3:18-20. TAKE HEED AND EXAMINE WHAT IS WRITTEN!!!!! II Cor. 13:5-8, Mat. 19:17, Luke 5:32.



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